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FTX300 H-Bridge Amplifier for TEC Temperature Controller Systems
  • High efficiency bi-directional control for heating and cooling applications
  • Fully Integrated H-Bridge Driver
  • Designed for use with Ferrotec FTC-series TE temperature controllers
  • Ideal for Mid-range voltage applications – 180W max power output

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Product model :FTX300          Product unit price: $74.00

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About Accuthermo’s FTX-series of H-Bridge Amplifiers for Bi-directional Temperature Control Applications

Accuthermo’s FTX-series H-Bridge amplifiers are designed for high efficiency in thermoelectric applications. Because a peltier cooler can be used in a system to heat or cool, the electrical system in a thermoelectric temperature control scheme needs to be capable of dynamically switching voltage polarity. Accuthermo’s FTX-series of amplifiers efficiently drive voltage from an off-the-shelf DC power supply using signals from a controller like the FTC-100, and they are available in several output capacities, making them ideal fit in your thermoelectric temperature control system.

Accuthermo’s FTX300 for Mid-Range Voltage Thermoelectric Applications

With a maximum power-handling capability of 180W, the FTX300 is designed for TEC control systems with mid-ranged voltage requirements. In its standard shipping configuration, the FTX300 comes mounted on an L-bracket heat-sink for increased heat dissipation.

Power Rating

    • 7 – 15Vdc
    • Maximum Current: 12 Amps
    • Maximum Power Output: 180W

Control Signal Input

    • Enable (Logic Level)
    • PWM
    • Hot/Cold Direction
    • GND


    • RoHS Compliant
    • Operating Temperature: 5°C – 70°C
    • 4-Conductor control signal cable is included (length: ~15 inches, 40cm)
    • Integrated Overload Protection


  • 3.72 inches x 2.73 inches x 1.26 inches (95 mm x 70 mm x 32 mm)


Optimized for use with the FTC100 Temperature Controller for Thermoelectric Modules




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